Our wheel of

New Business Problem Solving

You won’t find another agency like us. We’re a genuine mix of consultancy and training, but with a sales engine room. It’s a deliberate structure too, as not only do our clients want more business, but they often need help with other elements of their sales process.

Solving our clients’ problems is not only great fun, but also gets them thinking differently.

Sales has changed dramatically over the years and therefore so have we, but there is a constant set of rules that never changes.

The Wheel

Years on the front line creating new business opportunities has taught us which elements you have to get right if sales is going to work at its best.

These elements are a mix of people, process, timing and closing. Get these right and you will grow your business.

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The Wheel
Right Story

We’ll sharpen your proposition so it works as hard as possible at first point of contact. The first ten seconds count.

Well told

Your business needs to show a mix of personality and commercial prowess. We’ll help you stand out with our Wise Mind tone of voice development process.

By the right people

If you’re not using the Retriever sales team and you want some training for your people we can help.

To the right audience

Data is king. Our data and research team will make sure it’s squeaky clean.

At the right time

Nurturing prospects through to sale is essential. No wham bam thank you maam here.

With the right proof

We’ll help you with your sales materials and case studies so they really have impact and build relationships.

Closing opportunities

Maybe you need help with pitching and closing. Don’t be afraid to ask us for some help. We do it all the time.

Retain and grow

Retention is everything. We can help train your team to be more effective at growing existing business.