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Improving New Business Propositions

You can’t be expert at everything, and developing new business has become more and more complex in recent years. More channels, differentiated messaging and getting hold of people are part of a long list of elements you have to get bang on.


We’re not trying to change your story we’re just looking for the most effective way to tell it. Our proposition development process will create total clarity for the key areas of your messaging. Not only will that help you talk about your business more clearly, but also make sure that your messaging is consistent inside and out.

Tone of Voice

Nailing new business and sales has never been more dependent upon how much you stand out. Language is key when you’re trying to make the best possible first impression. This might be for email, social media or face-to-face meetings. What you can’t do without is your own individual business personality. We’ll give you that.

Growth Strategy

We’re not management consultants, we’re sales practitioners and entrepreneurs so everything we advise is based on real life and not theory. Over complicated strategies don’t work. We give straightforward advice that will deliver a roadmap for growth so all targets can be smashed.


We train sales and new business people all the time. All of our work is bespoke and based around real world situations that you or your team want to overcome. What’s more it’s all delivered by practitioners that have decades of experience in developing business from scratch.

We can run workshops in groups or do one to one coaching in all disciplines from strategy through to phone and face-to-face sales training.