The Role of the Phone at Retriever

The role of the phone at Retriever New Business

We hear from more and more people that they can’t quite believe that the phone works so well for us, in a world where there are myriad channel alternatives.

Cold calling is dead

The phone doesn’t work anymore

You can’t get hold of people

People don’t pick up their phone

Well the fact is, that in developing new business of course the phone doesn’t work if you use it badly. Whilst we’re at it, websites are no use if they don’t engage, email never works if it’s rubbish, LinkedIn is a waste of time if the messaging is crap, mailings are pointless unless they’re brilliant – You see where I’m going with this?

The main difference is that the phone needs to be part of a multi channel campaign. It is hard to make it just stand alone. That said everything depends upon a number of factors when it comes to successfully prospecting using the blower.

The quality of the approach

Here at Retriever we don’t pick up the phone until we’ve taken clients through our three stage on boarding process and had all campaigns signed off. By the time we’ve done this we are left with a great story that differentiates our client enabling much more interesting conversations that aren’t predictable.

1st Retriever Phone v Current
1st Retriever Phone v Current

The person making the calls

It’s all about relationships and conversations. We recruit our account managers based upon a softer set of skills. We want to employ brilliant communicators. People that can communicate an idea and a story without sounding salesy or desperate.

Most important though is the ability to disarm by not sounding like everybody else. There are so many ways to blend when you get on the phone and only a few ways to stand out. Behaviour is as key to success as content.

Our business ethos and training is all based upon the ability to connect and engage at a human level. If people like you, they’ll trust you, they’ll tell you the truth and you’ll build truly strong pipeline.

Feeling confident and ready

As a Retriever Account Manager you are supported by:

  1. Marketing who look after copy, email campaigns and tracking, supplying warmer targets to call
  2. Data and research who will build the database and supply relevant industry information
  3. Management team who all stay close to clients and regularly coach, encourage and train the Account Managers to keep them upbeat and help manage the Retriever / client relationship

The Account Manager’s belief in the clients they are working on is critical. Again our on-boarding process will ensure that we have the most potent and engaging story possible.

The aim is always to deliver the best possible first point of contact by phone, by email and whatever other channels are involved.

The phone still works brilliantly, but as with everything it is all about the story, the person, the passion and the conviction.