The Hangover – September Edition



September – that well known hangover cure

Pre Brexit jitters, the Brexit result and the Summer sure know how to spoil a party.

The more I talk to business owners the more it becomes apparent that there has been a significant lull over the last two or three months.

This lull was like a huge hangover. You know that feeling when you wake up with a hangover? At first it’s all quite amusing and ‘hey I’ve got a hangover, aren’t I the mutt’s nuts’ but then suddenly after being out of bed for an hour it all starts to feel a lot less funny.

The sweats, the confusion and the inability to make a coherent decision all kick in and leave you like a bit of a dribbling wreck. So what do you do? You hide (preferably under a duvet) until it starts to subside.

Well, that’s what I think business has been like recently. People want to do business, but they can’t quite seem to commit, they know they need to make a decision but find endless reasons not to. It’s exhausting and in my opinion has led to a really unnecessary slow down in business.

I say unnecessary because I can see that those same ‘lullsters’ are now committing so what was all the uncertainty about. We all know that we have at least 18 months of weirdness and goodness knows what else after that and we’re clearly not in an economic boom, but no one wants to talk about it.

I tell you what folks we just need to get on with it and thank goodness good old September seems to have woken everybody up and things are moving again.

I sense that budgets are still tight for sure, but the will to get the snowball rolling again seems to be back in the room.

Here’s to getting on with it!