The Art of Creativity

While looking for a blog muse I scouted the internet for definitions of my exact problem. Creativity (noun) is defined as ‘the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness’.

I believe that we all have a creative streak. The difference is how we tap into it. For example, I come from a family of engineers and draughts people. They use figures and calculations to design a solution to a technical problem. Although numbers are a rational outlet they contribute to creating a mechanical or technical piece of brilliance. Every industry requires a creative spark to put forward an initial idea to get the cogs moving. To avoid the engine running to a halt there needs to be a constant flow of ideas and this requires real imagination.

In an ideal world we would all be inspired about a cutting edge idea at some point in our lives and we’d be popping champagne in our infinity pool in LA. Dreams, dreams. However, if you are honest with yourself about your capabilities the possibilities really are endless.

Creativity can come from anything and everything as long as you are open and honest to your imagination (I’m not getting my crystal ball out just yet, don’t worry). A good place to start would be national awareness days, weeks and months. You may think these are just for a specific organisation or demographic. Maybe these are an excuse for primary school fancy dress days.  However, you can apply EVERYTHING to your nature of work if you find your ‘mental work-space’ and get cracking. Find a topic that is relevant to your target audience and go from there. I’ve found a few suggestions that are on the horizon to get you started –

  • 17-23rd October is Energy Saving Week (applicable to most)20131121122527987
  • 30th October is National Sleep-In Day (not necessarily for business but sleep helps everything right?)
  • 2nd November is National Stress Awareness day (relatable)
  • 5th November (of course, Guy Fawkes night)
  • 15th-21st November is Enterprise Week
  • 23rd November is Freelances Day
  • 30th November is Computer Security Day (tech!)


To all you typically rational thinkers – apparently, your realistic and imaginative flows move in opposite directions up and down the occipital lobe to the parietal lobe1 (love a bit of biology). You just need to utilise what you’ve got!

Fact, fiction, doodling, art, notes, research, conversations and a drive to succeed all contribute to the freedom of exploring your own mind.

P.S. The peak of my creative output was being awarded with a Blue Peter badge. Goals.