Retriever, New and Business – September

As a very eventful summer passes, an eventful autumn is well underway!

Staring at September over our shoulders as we walk through the streets of October, making our way to November, I can safely say that I do remember the 21st of September.

With huge happenings in the media from Apple releasing the new IPhone 7 without a headphone jack, to the distribution of the new £5 note, nothing has been more important to me than the happenings of Retriever New Business. I have now become accustomed to the daily readings of such business websites as ‘The Drum’ and ‘Campaignlive’, to not only keep me up-to-date, but to see how I can learn and transfer skills to my role.

A month and a half ago in my first blog post (which can be found here), I discussed my role at Retriever, however since then I have adapted not only my position as Marketing Executive, but my skills vastly. My excel skills have now gone beyond conditional formatting and COUNTIF’s – my ability for attention to detail and time management has vastly changed for the better.

Whilst I am spreading my workload amongst Retriever, I am still maintaining a focus on email campaigns, and the importance of a good subject line. I’m processing the do’s and don’ts of sending email campaigns whenever I’m presented with a *copy, and using backed up research to decide on such variables like: what time to send; which day; AM or PM; how many links; where should the link be; how does the subject line sound; is it too long; and is it too short. The purpose of the email campaigns we send out are to gain response, and in my view, there’s no better way to gain responses than to be human.


With this in mind, I have recently come to realise that what I do at Retriever is not only about the skills and experiences I am learning, but about Retriever itself! With the ending of Q3 being a few weeks ago, the wintery Q4 is here and from my stand point, Retriever is on the up, what with multiple new clients on the horizon, and a strong Senior Account Managerial team, everything we do is not only for ourselves, but for the company. Retriever holds a strong decorum, and I personally plan to uphold this, by expanding my very own horizons, and helping in areas of the business not previously scripted.

I’d still like to say that I still cannot wait for what the future holds for me at Retriever, and the involvement that I will partake in. Until next time, I hope you all have a great Autumn!


*Usually consisting of a couple of paragraphs, an email copy that is sent in by a Senior Account Manager to be sent on an email campaign to individuals.