Retriever: GO!

Where’s the first month gone?

Having just successfully completed my first full month at Retriever, it can be said that I am now use to the way of the working life, what with all the 6 AM wake ups and early morning rush hour. It’s been one full month of non-stop work and learning for me, and what an exciting time it’s been so far! I can also say that I have definitely learnt a lot about the running’s of Retriever, and the initiative required to be part of such a successful lead generation business.

I was obviously nervous before joining the team, as would any other student be, trying to merge themselves into industry, but I felt right at home on my first day (even though I was dressed as a butler, whilst everyone else was smart/casual). I met the lovely team, and got straight into working. I have helped around all aspects of the business, from working with Senior Account Manager’s, to managing and maintaining the CRM system that is – Callpro. Sure, I’ve made a few mistakes in my time at Retriever so far, but none that I haven’t learnt from – in fact, a great man once said “a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein.

Over the past four weeks I have sent out a countless number of email campaigns, created a monthly report, handled problems that other team members have had and above all, had a great time! All my practises that I have been doing has given me a real valuable insight into the Retriever process and I have felt that I have learnt so much more when compared to a two-hour University lecture.

My advice for anyone looking to join a placement this coming year, I would highly suggest searching for a firm that believes in its employees – I have gained skills and techniques which I know will benefit me later on in life, whether I’m deciding on what ice cream to buy (during the summer the ice-cream van turns up, win-win) or learning complex HTML, it all matters.

Every day so far has been different, which is a great way to keep me on my toes, and be an effective member of the business. I have absolutely loved my first month on the job so far at Retriever, and I cannot wait for what the future holds for me.

For now, enjoy the hot weather while it lasts and if you’re still into the fad, that is, Pokemon GO!

Peter Johnson