B2B New Business Channels

2 things I say all the time…

Give yourself the best possible chance to get the results you want

Go where your customers are

Both statements sound ridiculously obvious and it’s just common sense, but it’s frightening how many people/business don’t and therefore don’t nail it.

When it comes to new business you often have to dig a bit deeper. You do the same things as you would if you were a marketer maybe just not as formulated.

Put yourself in your prospects mind; what do they like doing, when do they like doing it, what type of person are they etc – in marketing terms develop personas. It will really help when picking a channel or multiple channels to contact them, how to contact them and what to say.


Main channels & a few comments, hints and tips.

Email – Subject lines are paramount; if you can’t get them to open the email what chance do you have? Think about the call to action and what you want them to do. I.e. download, look at creds, watch video, have a call. Of course you want a meeting, but build a relationship first. Before you say it, yes you can build a relationship from a cold email.

LinkedIn – Like any channel used well and it can work wonders. So many spoil it though and that’s the main issue with LinkedIn. The tone is different, slightly more direct works well, but still remaining human and natural. It’s not easy to send on mass, it’s a great channel for more bespoke communications when you know you have the decision maker.

Twitter – Use common sense. If It’s used as a purely personal account i.e. family etc. It’s probably not wise to be sending them DM or messaging about business. On the other hand, if they talk about their work, think about engaging in conversation with them first. Again build a relationship before asking them the direct question.

DM – I recently wrote piece on Bringing Back DM. Read that article for the full details (Not until the end of this post though 🙂 ) It’s a great way to be original. Stay away from the obvious and cheesiness though, please.

Phone – Still the best way to build relationships (other than F2F). Do your research, tell them the effect of working with you/business. Be natural and have a good balance of emotional and rational. Don’t be afraid to ask a direct question, but only once you’ve built a level of relationship. Not Rapport, that’s different. See a blog on Rapport v Relationship.

The general message is, any channel can work for you, if you’re not getting attention using one channel, try another. Think about what you want to get out of the communication, give them value, be honest, natural, human and you’ll build relationships.

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