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I bet we know what you're thinking right now
Ok, we aren’t telepathic but there are plenty of common questions.
Can an outsourced agency really represent us as well as we can?
Out-sourcing works great as long as you’re working with the right partner.
Get us in a meeting and we're great with clients - we just need more meetings
We know you’re good at charming and convincing clients so we’ll get you through the door.
Not sure if we should hire internally or use a new business agency...
Do you really need such a big overhead? At Retriever you get a team – not an individual and we’re all new business experts.
I don't want hundreds of meetings - just good ones that we can convert
It’s all about a creative approach, a reason to talk and qualification. End of story.
How long will it take to see my return?
We are clear why we exist – to make you more money.
Can an agency
represent us?
Need more meetings? Hire internally vs using
an agency
Only meetings you can convert Will I get a return?
How long?

For over a decade Retriever New Business has been helping clients open new doors, build stronger relationships and generate more income.

We believe in combining the rational and the emotional in everything we do. Appealing to the human side of prospects is every bit as important as the commercial and we create a balance for clients both on the phone but also in websites, credentials and in their sales people.

The adage People buy People has never been more relevant and we know exactly how to deliver the content and the outreach needed to help our clients engage their most valuable prospects through lead generation, consultancy and training.

We work with creative agencies as well as  B2B companies  and truly understand the art of sales in the modern economy.


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